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Subject Showcase Days

Attend subject taster sessions and get to know more about what it's like to study at university.

School students using camera equipment at subject taster session

Subject Showcase Days give you a chance to learn more about the subjects available at York St John University.

They're an ideal opportunity for Year 12s researching their options and exploring what it's like to study at university level. It is also a great opportunity for Year 13 students who have not yet applied to university and mature students who are considering returning to learning.

Unlike an Open Day, your whole Subject Showcase Day will be full of taster sessions for our subjects. Each session will last 1 hour and you can attend several sessions. It's a great opportunity to explore what you might like to study when you apply to university.

Upcoming Subject Showcase Days

Our next Subject Showcase Day is:

Thursday 1 February 2024

10.00am to 3.30pm

On the day, you will be able to take part in different taster sessions of your choice. You can read more about these in the drop-down menu below. We also offer campus tours as part of this event.

Bookings for this event have now closed. Please see our Meet us page for information on other ways to visit us.

To ask us a question about the event, please contact

Taster sessions

Subject tasters

  • BSL, Deaf Studies and Linguistics
  • Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Social Sciences (Sociology)
  • History
  • Professional Policing
  • Musical Theatre
  • Music Production
  • Japanese Language

About the subjects

BSL, Deaf Studies and Linguistics: Sign language poetry, linguistics and deaf culture

We will use a signed poem as the basis of this session, using it to talk about deaf arts, deaf history and linguistic analysis/grammar of signed languages, and will teach some basic BSL.

Marketing and Digital Marketing: Promotional Advertisements

We will be reviewing and analysing promotional advertisments used by a variety of organisations. For example, Christmas campaigns, hit TV shows etc., and analysing the use of influencers, celebrities etc., in these campaigns.

Social Sciences (Sociology) : Video Games and Disability

Using a case study of experiences of disability, we will consider the way in which video games can be used as a tool to explore and bring light to social justice issues.


We will explore, with historical examples, the purpose of a history degree - the ability to make arguments, to challenge regimes, to push for greater empathy.

Professional Policing: The Art of a Criminal Investigation

We will consider the stages of a criminal investigation from the perspective of the College of Policing training with examples of some successful cases that the presenter has investigated. We will also consider 'professional judgement' and how this can be viewed as an art.

Musical Theatre: Starting a Show!

We will explore the many ways musicals begin, how they draw audiences in and present narratives and themes. We will combine existing repertoire and devising techniques to create a short performance by the end of the session!

Music Production: Adding to a Production

In this session we'll contribute to a track and make it come alive using studio software.

Japanese Language

A Japanese language and culture taster session. Find out more about this fascinating language.


Subject tasters

  • Social Sciences (Criminology)
  • Law
  • Arts (Illustration)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • English Literature
  • Arts (Photography)

About the subjects

Social Sciences (Criminology): Video Games and Violence

We will play video games to learn about the different types of violence studied in criminology - subjective, systemic/structural, and symbolic.

Law: In the heat of the moment; an exploration of the potential legal consequences of a single punch

What offence has occurred when a person dies after one punch in the heat of the moment?       

You will view footage of an assault and learn more about the build up to the incident. You will be guided on the relevant law to enable you to reach a reasoned view as to what has occurred.

Arts (Illustration): Zine making

In this session we will be looking at DIY culture and making your own zine.

Occupational Therapy: How Occupational Therapy can transform lives

In this session we will be looking at a couple of case examples. One of these is a veteran coming to terms with being on 'Civvy Street' and coping with Post Traumatic Stress, and another of supporting a teenager who, following a car accident, is now adapting to life using a wheelchair.

English Literature: Close Reading Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

Together we will read through the first 2 pages of Kafka's short story 'Metamorphosis'. We will begin by discussing what 'jumps out' after a first reading of the extract, and we will then go on to consider symbol, metaphor, language and context. We will briefly consider Deleuze and Guattari's discussion of the story from 'A Thousand Plateaus'.

Arts (Photography): Darkroom images (Practice)

In this session, we will be looking at photographs made without cameras - photograms and chemigrams - in the darkroom.


Subject tasters

  • Biomedical Science
  • Primary Education
  • Tourism, Events and Hospitality
  • American Studies
  • War Studies
  • Sport

About the subjects

Biomedical Science: Experience Real-Life Biomedical Research

In this session you will meet our final year students and learn about their ongoing research projects in our labs.

Primary Education

A taster workshop for our Primary Education programme with a particular focus on teaching and learning in Personal Social Health & Economic (PSHE) Education.

Tourism, Events and Hospitality: Marketing the Tourist City of York

We will start by reviewing the tourist destinations/attractions in York. In groups we will select one attraction to delve into and apply a selection of theory.

American Studies

The 2024 US presidential election is underway, with many pollsters and commentators predicting a return to the White House for former president Donald Trump. But what does the study of American history and previous campaigns tell us about what we might expect over the coming months? This talk will highlight how American Studies is a vital subject worthy of study, not just because of its transferable skills for a wide range of jobs and careers, but the utility of the knowledge and expertise it offers.

War Studies: Command of the Air: Strategic Bombing

An introduction to strategic airpower from its origins in the First World War to the development of classical airpower theory and the spectre of the bomber between the wars, illustrated with some contemporary feature film, including some Walt Disney.

Sport: An insight into the world of Sport Science, Therapy and Coaching

Come and experience an innovative, high-tech and interactive class which is typical of our classes on our sport degrees: BSc Sport and Exercise Science, BSc Sport and Exercise Therapy and BSc PE and Sports Coaching. You'll also see the endless opportunities and exciting career prospects available in sport. There's never been a better time to work in sport!


Subject tasters

  • Children, Young People and Education
  • Nursing
  • Acting, Drama and Theatre
  • Drama and Dance
  • Music

About the subjects

Children, Young People and Education

Exploration of how childhood is constructed in society and how this might impact on early years practice. Hear about the experiences of our current students who have been on weekly placements in Early Years settings and create your own artefact to support an area of practice.

Nursing: A day in the life of...

Observe a typical day in the life of an NHS nurse in our state of the art simulation facilities.

Acting, Drama and Theatre: Acting workshop

A taster workshop for our courses in Acting and Drama and Theatre.

Drama and Dance

A taster workshop for our courses in Drama and Dance and Drama Education and Community.


A taster workshop for our course in Music.

Planning your visit

Check our tips to make the most of your Subject Showcase Day.

  • Please arrive on campus at our main reception in the De Grey building. You can use our campus map for directions if needed. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your first session.
  • Campus tours will be available throughout the day. Meet at the Temple building foyer to join a tour.
  • Free refreshments will be available in the Temple building foyer - please help yourself!
  • Our campus is cash-free, so please remember your card if you want to buy lunch in our cafeteria.
  • We are a short distance from the centre of York, so you can venture into the city between sessions.
  • Be prepared for cold weather and wrap up warm. Campus tours will be outside whatever the weather!
  • It's a good idea to plan your travel in advance. For information on travelling to York St John, visit our Find us page.

More ways to meet us

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