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Creativity and Embodiment Research Group

This research group is led by Dr Liesl King.

The Creativity and Embodiment Research Group works to bridge methodologies associated with physical and spiritual well-being with more traditional academic approaches to enhance learning and research.

The group is cross-disciplinary, with roots in Humanities, Arts and Psychology, thus benefiting from diverse perspectives and paradigms. The work of group members includes publications and ongoing research projects which focus on the following topics:

  • 'The Embodied University'
  • Yoga informed psychology
  • Feminist spiritualities
  • Goddess cultures and rituals
  • Music and gender
  • Speculative fiction

Our underpinning ethos is: "To imbue knowledge with spirit is thus to view the arts, dance, proverbs, ritual texts, epic poems, musical traditions, and utopias - all things you could say have to do with spirit - as sources of insight" (Salami, 8). From Minna Salami's Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone (2020).

Get in touch

We welcome staff members and postgraduate students who are interested in one or more of the topics listed above.

Our research group meets monthly on campus and all are welcome. Please contact Liesl King on if you would like to receive emails about meeting times and venues as well as brief information about the monthly agenda.

Group members

Liesl King

Dr Liesl King

Group leader

Profile image of Jasmine Childs-Fegredo

Dr Jasmine Childs-Fegredo

Senior Lecturer

Sharon Jagger

Dr Sharon Jagger

Senior Lecturer

Helen Turner

Helen Turner

Subject Director

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