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US federal loans

Apply for a US federal loan

A step by step guide to applying for your loan.

You can apply for a US loan after receiving an offer to study at York St John University.

You will need to make a separate application for each academic year that you need a loan. Applications for each academic year are open from May.

The application process can take several weeks so we recommend you start early. It is your responsibility to complete a loan application in time.

1. Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form

Complete your FAFSA form, listing York St John University as your nominated school. Our school code is G40323. Our OPE ID is 04032300. 

Complete FAFSA form (Federal Student Aid website)

2. Check your Student Aid Report (SAR)

You will receive a copy of your SAR which is a summary of the FAFSA data you submitted. Check the information carefully, including the comments section. Your SAR will tell you what your expected family contribution is. 

Send a PDF of your SAR to us by emailing Include your full name, 9 digit student number and the title of your course in the email. 

3. Complete a Cost of Attendance (CoA) spreadsheet

We will send you a CoA spreadsheet when we have received your SAR. The CoA estimates your education related costs for the academic year, including tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses and transport. We work out estimates based on the current exchange rate.

Save your completed CoA as a spreadsheet, ready to send to us in step 7. 

Please note, US regulations state the maximum you can borrow in loans cannot exceed the yearly cost of attendance less any other financial aid you are due to receive.

4. Direct loan entrance counselling

New students

Federal law requires all first time borrowers to complete entrance counselling at the appropriate grade level (Undergraduate or Postgraduate) for the appropriate loans (Subsidised, Unsubsidised, and/or Direct PLUS loan) prior to any loan origination. Loan counselling will inform you of your rights and obligations. If you do not complete entrance counselling we will not be able to originate your loan(s).

Complete Entrance Counselling (Federal Student Aid website)

Save a copy of your certificate or print screen the completion page, ready to send to us in step 7.

Continuing students

If you are continuing into a further year of study on the same programme at the University then you do not need to complete entrance counselling again.

5. Apply for a PLUS loan (optional)

If you are an undergraduate student, your parents can apply for a Parent PLUS Loan. If you are a postgraduate student, you can apply for a Graduate PLUS loan.

Apply for a PLUS loan (Federal Student Aid website)

The PLUS loan application includes a credit check. Please keep a copy of your credit check result, ready to send to us in step 7.

If the credit check fails you can still apply for a PLUS loan using an endorser. An endorser is someone who agrees to repay the Direct PLUS Loan if the borrower stops making payments or defaults on the loan. The endorser may not be the student on whose behalf a parent obtains a Direct PLUS Loan.

If you use an endorser you may need to complete an additional PLUS loan counselling session.

6. Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN)

The MPN is a legal agreement to pay back your loan. New MPNs must be completed for each academic year you take out a Direct Loan. 

MPNs are completed on the Federal Student Aid website. There are 4 different types of MPN:

  • MPN for Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans (for undergraduate students)
  • MPN for Subsidized/Unsibsidized Loans for Graduate/Professional students (for postgraduate students)
  • PLUS MPN (for postgraduate students)
  • PLUS MPN for Parents of Dependent Undergraduate Student (for parents of undergraduate students)
You need to complete a separate MPN for each subsidized/unsubsidized loan or PLUS loan. 

Complete your MPN (Federal Student Aid website)

When your MPNs are approved and digitally signed please save a PDF copy of each one, ready to send to us in step 7.

7. Email your documentation to York St John University

Please send the following documents in a single email to :

- Completed CoA (Step 3)
- Proof of Entrance Counselling (Step 4)
- Credit Check (Step 5, if needed)
- MPNs (Step 6)

Include your full name, 9 digit student number and the title of your course in the email.

8. Receive your loan confirmation letter

If your application is successful you will receive a loan confirmation letter. This will let you know the amount of loan you will receive and the dates you will receive payments.

We will send a copy of your loan confirmation letter to our Visa and Compliance team. They will use the letter as supporting evidence for your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). Please note, CAS are issued 3 months before your course start (usually mid June). 

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