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Interdisciplinary Witches

This research group is led by Dr Zoë Enstone and Dr Sharon Jagger.

The trope of 'the witch' has long been a focus of study across disciplines.

Historical accounts, social transformation, feminist subversions, and fictional and creative reconsiderations give us different facets of the notion of the witch. Some notions are perceived as liberating and others reinforcing notions of witchcraft as ‘other’, dangerous, anti-Christian, and polluting.

In this research group, we consider the following questions:

  • What connects these iterations of the witch trope?
  • What underpins our fascination with the witch?
  • How are witches reflected and transformed in the variety of ways in which they have been reimagined?
  • How does the historical narrative of the witch craze feed into gender politics today?
  • How are people developing spiritual and political independence through witchcraft?
  • Does the witch have feminist potential?

We are a group of researchers from a wide range of disciplines and with a range of responses and ideas about witchcraft. This group provides a space to consider the witch more widely and across disciplinary boundaries.

Get in touch

We welcome enquiries on any aspect of witchcraft. The group reflects interests and approaches across disciplines, historical periods, forms and perspectives.

Research activity

Toil and Trouble: A mini-symposium in search of the interdisciplinary witch, 31 October 2023

Group members

Dr Zoe Enstone 2021

Dr Zoë Enstone

Group leader

Sharon Jagger

Dr Sharon Jagger

Group leader

Morag Galloway image

Dr Morag Galloway

Course Leader BA Musical Theatre, Lecturer in Music and Musical Theatre

Kiran Tanna

Technical Demonstrator in Moving Image and Lighting Design

Sarah O'Brien

Dr Sarah O'Brien

Associate Head of School (Performance)

Isabelle Berrow

Postgraduate Researcher

Louise MacLeod

Postgraduate Researcher

Dr Lauren Stephenson

Senior Lecturer, Film and Media & Communications

Chloe Hanks

Postgraduate Researcher

Profile image of Katherine Cross

Dr Katherine Cross

Lecturer, Liberal Arts (History)

Helen Turner

Helen Turner

Subject Director: Fine Art

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