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Health and wellbeing

Wellbeing and welfare support

Our specialist support services can provide you with mental health or emotional support. We can also help you with some of the more serious welfare challenges you might be facing.

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How we can help you

We provide 2 types of support: wellbeing support and Welfare Adviser appointments.

Watch our introductory video, or scroll down to explore our services in more detail.

Get to know our services

Learn more about the support services available to you from one of our Mental Health Practitioners, Jason Shepherd.

Wellbeing support

Anyone can experience mental health difficulties.

Whether you are finding it difficult to manage aspects of your personal life or finding the environment of higher education an emotional challenge to adapt to, we offer a range of types of specialist support to help you.

Access wellbeing support

Welfare Adviser appointments

A meeting with a Welfare Adviser is a chance for you to talk through practical welfare challenges you are facing and causing you difficulties.

These might include sexual assault, domestic violence, pregnancy, police or crime matters, or other issues that are having a serious impact on your studies.

Book a welfare adviser appointment

Need help now?

We offer support as quickly as we can to students who register with our team, but there may be a waiting time to see us.

We are not an emergency or 24/7 service. If you are concerned that you might harm yourself, or if you are facing an imminent life-threatening situation, we have details of services that are available to help you.

You can always telephone 999 in an emergency.

I need help now

Health Assured service

We are pleased to offer all our students a service called Health Assured, accessible through an app or online portal.

This service is offered to you in addition to the services offered by our own University Wellbeing team. It includes videos, factsheets, 4 week plan templates, and live chat and support from counsellors.

You are very welcome to make use of our Wellbeing team services, or the Health Assured service, or both!

Health Assured service

Self-help resources

In addition to our specialist services, we believe strongly in the positive impact that self-help resources can make.

Whether you are waiting to meet with us, or just want to find information about how you might be able to enhance your own wellbeing, take a look at the self-help resources we have developed for you. You can also take free online training to improve your understanding of welfare related issues.

Self-help resources  Welfare training and courses

Student experience

Hear from one of our students about their experience of our support we offer.

Information for a concerned parent, guardian or friend

If you know a student at York St John you are concerned about, we can help you point them in the right direction for support.

Information for University staff members who are supporting a student

If you work at the University and are working with a distressed student, we have produced information for you.

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