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Nursing Practice Placements

Organisation of practice learning

Information about how our nursing placements are organised.

The nursing programme is organised into 3 parts, each representing a year of the programme.

Each part of the programme has a nursing practice module. The nursing practice modules run over 2 semesters and provide an ongoing nursing practice experience in each year of the programme.

These modules provide a structure for placement learning and assessment, ensuring that students have opportunities to achieve the proficiencies, communication and relationship management skills and the nursing procedures set out in the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) 2018 Future Nurse: Standards of Proficiency for Registered Nurses.

Each practice module provides students with:

  • Placement experiences to assist with development and assessment of proficiencies and core skills essential for either adult or mental health nursing practice
  • Enrichment placements to explore healthcare in diverse settings
  • Opportunities for reflection on practice and coaching for learning throughout the modules.
Part of ProgrammeNursing Practice ModuleHuman Science and Skills Module
Part 1 Nursing Practice 1 Human Science for Integrative Nursing
Part 2 Nursing Practice 2 Integrative Nursing for the Person with Health Challenges
Part 3 Nursing Practice 3 Leading Care for the Person with Complex Needs

The nursing practice learning is also supported by taught sessions to help prepare students for placements, promote reflection on the practice experience and engage in coaching for learning opportunities.

Online learning materials guide the nursing practice learning experience. Modules in the Human Science and Skills stream provide additional related theoretical content and opportunities to practice relevant clinical skills.

The hub and spoke model

The Nursing Practice modules will normally be organised using a hub and spoke placement model.

Students begin their nursing practice experience in a hub placement. Hub placements will always be in the student's Field of Practice (Adult Health or Mental Health).

Students are allocated a practice assessor in their hub placement who will directly oversee their work. They will then rotate through 1 or more spoke placements where work will be monitored by practice supervisors.

Students will complete their practice experience with their practice assessor in their hub placement.

This approach allows practice assessors and practice supervisors to work collaboratively with students to make decisions about their future. This process will be overseen by an academic assessor in the university who will meet with the student and practice assessor to discuss the placement. These meetings may take place online, face to face or by telephone.

Please see your electronic Practice Assessment Document (ePAD) for more details.

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